Welcome to the website dedicated to the Beagle breed and especially our young beagle ladies Tina and Kissy. Pages were created at a time when we impatiently waited an arrival of puppies from Tina and Tikky (group A). Step by step we will add more information about this breed, our experience and insights. We will be glad when our website will help you with acquisition new information and choosing the right four-legged friend who may be just the Beagle. And why Bashi-Bazouk?
Choosing the right name for the kennel is always a gamble. From six names that we suggested was (after two months of comparing) confirmed the Bashi-Bazouk to us. It is name of many meanings, which can be found in the English dictionary as a  „savage“. Even like this you can describe the Beagle:)

We have our puppies mostly for fun and we try to find them good owners. We also would like to be in contact with them in the future. Puppies are properly socialized and spoiled as possible:) With our girls we regularly work and we can transmit a lot of personal experiences and advices. We do not definitely insist on show career of our dogs, but if future owners decide to show their champion, we will be happy to help with the preparation or exposure.

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