I would have written that we have chosen  the beagle breed after mature consideration and finding maximum information about this breed, but in fact it was a little different. Originally we should adopt one beagle boy, but his owners finally decided to leave him at their home. I believe it was the right decision and hope that he is doing well. After this experience we could not stop wondering about having dog - and somehow automatically we wished beagle. Suprisingly I stared to meat Beagles somehow often (not before) and I took it as a sign. I also can not forget one young beagle lady at exhibition in Brno. She was sitting in a corner and hidding in a curtain. It can be a little funny, but experiences like this lead to Beagle:) So what, we decided just to go to look at puppies and afterwards everyone knows what happened  next..  We visited first breeder in June 2006 and a little Tina was moving to our flat. Then began the fun changed with infarct situations coming from bringing up a puppy:) When we finished building in 2009 and moved to the village there was  enough space for another friend.. It is said that Beagle understands the best with another Beagle. It was our next visit at breeder and Kissy was a new member of our family:) By the way, if I remember well, we went „just to look her“ as well as Tina:)

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